10 Days until the Challenge-Task: Clean Out Cabinets & Fridge

22 Aug

Another post by Lea, Assistant Director:

Well, I am now sufficiently convinced that the month is coming to a close and that preparing for September is in fact inevitable. This morning I had to bundle up on my walk to work and today I started day-dreaming about warm apple cider and pumpkin beer. Fall is cleary upon us.

The next ten posts will continue along the theme of preparation, and today’s post is specifically about “getting rid of the old to let in the new.”

Most people tend to think of Spring as the season of change; opening the windows; spring cleaning; planting our gardens, etc. But Fall is just as much about creating change as Spring, and preparing to take the Locavore Challenge is a great way to embrace this season of change and start fresh in your kitchen.

I’ve been away the last few weekends, and will be away this coming weekend, so I need to maximize my prep time. So, once I finally leave the office and head home, I have BIG PLANS. I am going to take stock over my fridge and pantry, cook up as much of my non-local foods that are lingering around and plan on eating those within the next week. I’ll then take the opportunity to clean out my fridge and freezer (never a bad thing to do at least twice a year) while I am at it, and create two pantries: one of all qualifying locavore food items, another with non-local food items. The latter one I may have to lock up!

Per the Locavore Challenge “rules”, I’ll leave my salt, pepper and spices along with a few of my planned “wild-card” cheat items in the “good” cabinet. For my “wild-card” items I’m starting with just baking soda/baking powder (I’m counting these both at one-because I’m good at cheating!) and vinegar. I like to have some flex room in my plan for when a suprise non-local item comes to my plate and I cannot resist.

Then being the detailed Type-A person that I am, I will create a detailed shopping list for the co-op and markets this weekend. This will be the basis to stock my pantry, and my blog posts later this week.

If you are new to the Locavore Challenge, or eating local meals, I recommend you spend a little more time each night writing down what you eat every day and what you would like to eat during the challenge. Make sure to think about meals, snacks, and beverages. Then keep it simple. You are NEVER going to find a local version of “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” at the Farmer’s Market to replace what you normally eat for breakfast, but you will find all the fixings for delicious frittatas, yogurt based smoothies and more. Remember, this is a season of change, so think differently about how and why you eat what you eat. Think local, think organic and think delicious!

Enjoy the cool, sunny evening fellow Locavores, I’m headed home to begin my pantry project!

Up Next: Blog posts on Non-Local Foods Binge, Stocking Your Pantry, Pickling, Preserving, Making Stocks and Sauces and more.


One Response to “10 Days until the Challenge-Task: Clean Out Cabinets & Fridge”

  1. Katy Nicholson August 23, 2011 at 10:28 pm #

    Seems like local vinegar should be possible to find?? Good luck with the clean out!

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