5 Days until the Challenge-Task: Stocking Your Pantry

26 Aug

Another post by Lea, Assistant Director (if you are sick of me already-nudge my co-workers to pick up the slack!):

Re-stocking your pantry is a pretty daunting, and humbling task.  As the creator of the NY Locavore Challenge, a full-time staffer for NOFA-NY and a local foods devotee I was a little dismayed that when I looked in my cupboard and found just 2 local items right now.

One is a product I never tried last year, but can’t wait to try out this year-Kasha.  Kasha is one of several buckwheat products grown and produced locally by Birkett Mills in Penn Yan.  They have a full product line, and many (including the Kasha) are gluten-free.  Check out their website or our recipe section for a variety of recipes using their products.  The second item is a Flour City Pasta orzo.  It’s produced right here in good ‘ole Rochester, and the grain from the 100% emmer pasta is grown locally.  Check with them directly for other locavore items, but be prepared that once you have the emmer pasta, regular pasta will never do again!

So, clearly I cannot live for 30 days on a single box of Kasha and a bag of Emmer Orzo.  Which means it’s time for a little conscious pantry shopping.  I was able to procure a few local items last night at Abundance Co-op while I waiting for my CSA pick-up: a bag each of Cayuga Pure Organics pinto beans and black beans, a jar of honey, maple syrup and container of Soy Boy Organic Tofu which sources almost all of its soybeans within 260 miles of Rochester. 

I get just about all of my veggies from my CSA through Peacework Organic Farm, and what I don’t get there, I usually source from our wonderful area Farmers’ Markets and from friends and families gardens. So my shopping focus is primary grain, oil, protein and fruit based.   

My small but imporant list should get me ready for the month ahead. :

Stolor Organic Sunflower Oil
Meadow Creek Butter, Cheddar Cheese and Plain Yogurt
Cayuga Pure Organics Emmer, Polenta, Cornmeal and Wheat Flours
-Organic Eggs
-2 Organic Chickens-for making stock, soup and having some pre-cooked chicken available in the freezer
-1 pound bacon and/or sausage from my friends at Whitney Farms
-As much local fruit as I can get my hands on for making juice, sorbet and for flavoring ice-cream
Chevre and Feta from First Light Creamery

Great, now I am hungry and don’t have any of this amazing local food to eat yet.  I’m headed out to the market now-wish me luck!

Up Next: Blog posts on Pickling, Preserving, Making Stocks and Sauces and more.


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