6 Days until the Challenge-Task: Easing into Locavore Month

26 Aug

Another post by Lea, Assistant Director:

Despite the fact that I missed posting to the blog for the last two evenings, I feel that I am making some progress on preparing for the challenge.

At the office,  we are flooding the “foodie” inter-webs with emails, Facebook and Twitter posts trying to recruit as many new Locavores as we can over the next week or so.  We’ve been reaching out to university campus groups, K-12 schools, and companies as well to try and garner some interest in having both students and employees participate, host potlucks or events.  If you have friends, co-workers and other networks from which you can recruit additional participants-please do!  We are adding more and more registrants every day, but we still have a long way to go before we reach our goal.  Every additional person gets us closer to our goal.

Back on the home front, I’m also panicking less about being prepared.  I canceled a last minute trip out of town to the Catskills this weekend, so an extra 2 1/2 days at home will make a world of difference.  I’m going to miss my Saturday trip to the Pakatakan Farmers’ Market, the view of the mountains and starts from my friend’s patio, and laughing by the fire-but a late summer weekend in Rochester is about as good as you get in these parts, so I’ll enjoy the warm weather while I can.  Plus, staying a few hundred extra miles out of Hurricane Irene’s path, probably won’t hurt either!

I successfully cleaned out the pantry and fridge earlier this week.  I’m still eating my way through precious non-locavore leftovers though.  I’ve had cold pizza for breakfast 3 times this week, and left-over Palak Paneer, a veggie chicken patty and pasta the other mornings.  OK, so that may seem a little wacky (and possibly gross)-but I refuse to waste any food and I do not need any additional temptations hiding in the fridge or freezer when I am 6 days into September and dying for curry.   I’m transitioning my cupboards and my belly from a month of on-the-road stress eating to a month of conscious, home-made local nourishment.  I’m unbelievably excited to do the challenge this year, but right now I just need to get all of the pizza, lemonade and avocados out of my fridge and out of my mind.  Detoxing from sugar, salt and processed foods is hard for anyone to do-so whether you are a local foods devotee or a first-timer, I strongly recommend easing into the mode over this next week.

This weekend, I will be doing some prep work for the weeks ahead by making peach & honey ice-cream, chicken stock, tomato sauce and more-so stay tuned! But up next is a post on stocking your pantry.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe and dry if you are in Irene’s path!

Up Next: Blog posts on Pickling, Preserving, Making Stocks and Sauces and more.


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