A New Inspired Locavore = Success

27 Sep

Guest Post by Kelly Fisher, Locavore Participant

I joined the NY Locavore Challenge this month because eating locally grown and produced foods is a new interest of mine.  I joined my first CSA this year, with a farm that is right down the street from my house.  I truly look forward to my Monday pick ups at the farm! I love the smells of the fresh produce and moist earth and the sound of the bluegrass music playing when I walk in.  I love the way the mounds bright purple eggplants look, and the trays of red, yellow, green, and striped tomatoes.  I learn something new each Monday that I pick up my share — what to do with a celery root, how green beans hide in bunches among the leaves, and that the flower part of dill is really good for pickling.  I look for something worthwhile and purposeful and valuable in pretty much everything I do, and this experience has proved immensely satisfying in that department.  Taking the time to go to the farm, get my fresh produce, learn how to use it, and eat all of those healthy and delicious vegetables each week and feed them to my family and friends is one of the best uses of my time that I can think of.  I am joining a winter CSA now too!

In addition to joining the CSA, a friend of mine gave me a book called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle — A Year of Food Life, by Barbara Kingsolver that I am reading this month.  It is such a great read!!  Kingsolver is an amazing writer, and this book is about her family sustaining on purely local foods for a year and writing about the experience.  They grow their own produce, have chickens that provide them with eggs and meat, and go into the woods to pick their own mushrooms.  There are really good recipes in the book as well.  Kingsolver is a Locavore guru! 

This experience has opened my eyes to the world around me, because everywhere I go now I look for local products such as honey, maple syrup, apples, and eggs.  I have discovered that it really is not that much more effort to make your own tartar sauce than it is to find the cheapest one in the store that has the least amount of junk in it that I have a coupon for that looks the best that… you get what I am saying!  Feeling connected to my surroundings is invaluable.  I think many of us go through our days disconnected from nature and our origins and instead connected to our phones and computers and tvs.  I find it refreshing to get a break from that, and reconnect to my community and the ground I walk on.  Taking part in the Locavore Challenge has been a great way for me to begin what I know is a lifelong journey!


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