Reports from Local-Food Celebrations this past Weekend

17 Sep

Nancy, our Finance and HR Manager, had a great time working at the NOFA-NY table at last weekend’s Greentopia EcoFest here in Rochester.  Here’s her summary:

We had a great day speaking to many Greentopia folks – and many people were interested in our support of organic farmers.  We handed out many of our fall newsletters and discussed the Locavore challenge to promote the purchase of locally grown food – yet another way to support New York state farmers and producers!

Speaking of Locavore- –the “food court” for Greentopia was filled with LOCAL foodies.  All of the food provided through these vendors met the Locavore Challenge – plus had to provide biodegradeable packaging to help lower the trash footprint left by the event.  Greentopia EcoFest integrated many industries focused on sustainable practices, so it went beyond food.  Information ranged from utilizing recycled or upcycled materials, alternative energy vehicles, methods for heating and cooling, as well as overall focus on biodegradable or no-waste generating products.

Megan, who came to EcoFest with Nancy, took a break in the middle of the food court to hula hoop. Looks like that potato farmer was entertained.

Rachel was able to be a guest at a farmer-forward event in Branchport, NY.  Stacey and John Grabski have been hosting their “Big Cook” event for 14 years now, and in the past few years they’ve held a dessert contest that benefits NOFA-NY.  Entrants paid a small amount and had their desserts judged (this year Rachel was one of four expert judges, and she used her vote to sway towards Locavore or seasonal-inspired entries).  Winners received a NOFA-NY Locavore goodie bag (thanks to many of our sponsors who donated their products), but NOFA-NY really won this one, receiving a generous donation from all the entrants plus the chance to expose even more people to their work and the Locavore lifestyle.  Aside from dessert, there was a very long buffet line that featured so many different local meats (including bison), corn and potatoes.  Wine and beer from the region were also served, and clearly this was the place to be if you were at all connected to farming at the northern end of Keuka lake.  The event also supports the local FFA with an auction–it got pretty rowdy.  It’s truly amazing how a single family with a great idea can effect change in their local farming scene.


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