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3 Jul

We’re pretty proud of our Pinterest boards celebrating local organic food and farming. We hope they’re helpful tools for you, as our pinning crew goes beyond pretty food pictures to help you find books to read, restaurants and markets to visit, and more! Our earnest promise, when pinning recipes, is to only use those recipes that already (or can) contain a reasonable percentage of in-season New York foods, or that highlight a particular local ingredient in a cool way. For instance, you probably won’t find pinned pictures of lemonade (lemons just don’t grow in New York, though it would be nice), but you will probably find pictures of apple cider punch. Check us out at NOFAis4farmers!

We’ve been using hashtags of #diylocavore and #makeitlocavore, along with our standard #locavore, to help you sort through information.  So if you’re a recipe hacker who likes to substitute and source ingredients, you’ll like the #makeitlocavore tips.  If you’re all about from-scratch and putting food away for winter, we’re pleased to help you out with #diylocavore recipes and projects.

Here’s a little preview of our board called Recipes for Local Products:Pinterest Locavore Board Screenshot


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