Week 1 Theme: Taking on the Challenge

2 Sep

TOTW: Taking on the Challenge

Since we all come to the Locavore idea with our own experience and understanding, what better way to start this month’s themed posts than to talk about what local eating can mean?  Yesterday’s long read should have been some inspiration, and more inspiration is what you can expect the rest of this week.  We hope you’ll be cooking with local ingredients and engaging with fellow locavores.  This could be YOUR lunch (a salad full of local veggies and raw sweet corn):


Tomorrow, read 5 tips from a seasoned Locavore.  She’ll lay out how eating locally can be easy, hard, fun, frustrating, but overall, manageable!  On Wednesday, check back for a downloadable worksheet to help you lay out your locavore strategy.  And you’ll just have to keep following us and checking back for the rest.

Want some ideas right now?  Have you been to the Choose Your Challenge Poll Yet?  Click on the image to get to the poll, which is full of ideas for things to do.


Don’t forget–stay in touch, use hashtags and mention us when you use social media!  You may find your own words and pictures featured on Sunday’s Long Read!locavore tags

And finally, have you registered?  If you do, you’ll receive some exclusive content in your e-mail inbox!  Read about our New York Organic and Farmer’s Pledge Farmers, get some tips, and feel like you’re really a part of it all!


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