Week 2 Theme: Sharing Stories, Making Friends via Local Organic Food

9 Sep

TOTW: Sharing Stories, Making Friends via Local Organic Food

Welcome to week two, Locavores!  This week is about being able to be bold and outspoken about your Locavore Challenge.  It’s about sharing!

How do we use food to connect with our situations, our surroundings, other people, and our internal selves?  How do we build community through our locavore activities?  For example, how can you get more people excited about your harvest dinner because it’s locally sourced, and not just because it’s a meal they were invited to?  There’s little more instinctive than food–eating seasonally and from the surrounding area is a time-tested way to tune into your surroundings and to connect with those who share your space, from your kitchen table to your farmers market.  Talk up what you’re doing to everyone around you, and share something awesome you’ve made (or simply cut up and put salt and pepper on), and see where it takes you.


sharing is as sweet as a local, ripe peach

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