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A “Live with the Parents” Locavore Musing

29 Sep

A guest blog post by our intern Kim:

I’m not extraordinarily proud of it, but like many college graduates these days (or so I tell myself), I have moved back home with my parents. Moving home certainly wasn’t my first choice, but after obtaining an unpaid internship at the NOFA-NY headquarters near my Rochester-suburb hometown of Honeoye Falls, moving home seemed like a good option. And, come to think of it, the only real downfall has been the reentrance of sister-clothes-sharing-related problems into my life.

The upsides to living at home are many. Most notably, free food. And, since the beginning of this month, a definite upside has been sharing the Locavore experience with my family. I’d say we’ve always been about middle of the road when it comes to family meals- we eat together several nights a week, but certainly don’t stick around for a family game night. However, the combination of locavore month and my guilt about living parasitically off of my family without pitching in financially has led me to help out by taking the reins when it comes to cooking dinner.

I never cooked much before college, or even thought about food much for that matter. But when I began to learn about the food system in various courses, anything relating to food, organics, health, and agriculture really began to catch my attention. And, I met some great people in college who could really cook. Like most people, I could always make a few simple things, but I never really got to experiment with cooking until I moved back home this summer.

Having more local ingredients in the house and ingredients from our garden has basically led to a large increase in the number of fresh vegetables we have laying around at any time. This has changed the way I cook because it has allowed me to tryout dishes that I would never have thought of cooking from scratch before. For example, one of my favorite comfort foods is grilled cheese and tomato soup. I’ve always used the typical canned Campbell’s tomato soup for this. However, when I was craving it last week, we were basically drowning in tomatoes from our garden, so I decided to make home-made tomato soup- which I really had no idea how to make, but it ended up being delicious!! I added ingredients that I liked, and some things from our garden- like green peppers and chives- and a lot more onion than the recipe called for. The difference from a can of Campbell’s soup was extraordinary. I liked my soup because it was unique!

I have four sisters, and it is definitely nice to be known now as ‘the one who can cook.’ And, I love the feeling of cooking for my family- especially when they enjoy it, which they most often do!


Delicious Chicken!

9 Sep

From Matt Robinson.

This week, Clare and I are dining in style on Ever Green Farm chicken. Joe and Joeley, the owners of Ever Green, were kind enough to host a NOFA-NY field day last month, and man was it ever great- Hands-On On-Farm Poultry Processing. Joe and Joeley  walked us through the slaughter process step by step, talked about regulations and sanitation, and then very patiently guided each attendee through the process of slaughtering their own chicken. Everyone who attended went home with a chicken that they slaughtered themselves. For those of you not familiar with Ever Green, they’re in Rock Stream, NY (in the Finger Lakes), and you can find them at the Ithaca Farmers Market.

On Monday, we roasted our chicken on a bed of potatoes, carrots, leeks, and garlic, with a little finger lakes white wine. Local honey and some delicious Engelbert Farms butter helped the skin crisp up nicely. I butterflied the bird to help it cook a little quicker, and started it covered with foil at about 425 for 20 minutes. Turned the oven down to 350, and let it go for another 80 minutes or so, checking nervously every once in a while to see if it was done. I’ve roasted maybe 3 chickens in my life, which means that whenever I attempt this, it’s a nerve-racking experience. Happy to say that this one turned out well.

Today may be the last lunch we get out of this meal, but then we’re looking at some fantastic chicken stock for soup this weekend. Just in time for the cooler weather!

Dinner at Firefly

31 Aug

From Katie (Membership & Registration Coordinator):

I consider myself  lucky when I get to tell people I grew up on Firefly Farm. It’s a beautiful, thirty acre plot nestled outside of Canandaigua in the hamlet of Cheshire. My parents farm about an acre and a half of the land to a diverse range of vegetables that are sold to five restaurants in the area, some customers who we do “market baskets” (essentially a CSA basket of sorts), and the Canandaigua Farm Market on Saturday mornings.

Firefly happens to be my ideal “me” space. Even though our office is in Rochester, I make the decision to drive back and forth every day so I have a few hours to be on the farm. You can find me weeding, picking, packing out orders, cleaning vegetables, but it’s the space where nothing can go wrong and only good things come out of the tasks at hand.

yummy summer veggies

Today when I left work I was cranky, and I’ll be the first to admit it. It was a long Wednesday, and nothing went the way it was supposed to, but as I cooled down on my drive home I knew it would get better quickly. I first stopped by Good Luck Restaurant (on Anderson Ave in Rochester) to drop off a bag of veggies the chef had forgotten when he picked up his order from Firefly (he’s probably our biggest customer). He turned my mood around by giving me a taste of the most beautiful tomato sauce he was making with Firefly tomatoes and other assorted local goodies. As I got closer to Canandaigua, my mom called me to remind me to stop by Rosecrest Farm to pick up eggs. Three dozen local eggs later, I was refreshed from the day, and couldn’t get to get home… and as soon as I stepped through the door the most amazing smell was coming from the oven. My mom was roasting eggplant, summer squash, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers (see picture on left)! If you haven’t roasted those kinds of veggies, then you’re missing out. Also on the menu: freshly picked corn (boiled), baby golden Corolla potatoes with fresh basil (boiled), and absolutely delicious cheese from Muranda Cheese Company.

Locavore month for me is more of a celebration of my family, the people who buy our veggies, the chefs who support our farm, and most importantly all the other farmers who do what we do and all the consumers who will continue to support the local/organic movement whether it’s September or not!

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