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Week 4 Theme: Menus, Inspiration, Celebration

23 Sep

TOTW: Menus, Inspiration, Celebration

For this last week (and the little leftover portion next Monday), we’ll have a grab-bag celebration of local eating.  We’ve been light on recipes during this month’s blogging (so many other things to talk about here), but you might get a few of our favorites this week.  It’s September, with plenty of great local and seasonal foods, so it’s hard to not talk about the delicious meals that celebrate the small steps and huge leaps we’ve taken as a locavore community.

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Week 3 Theme: Why Local and Organic? Take Action!

16 Sep

TOTW: Why Local and Organic? Take Action!

Last week was a good warm-up for this week’s theme.  If you were inspired by those feelings of sharing in community and created your elevator pitch, then get excited for a week of reading on why and how some stellar individuals and groups are taking action.

Week 2 Theme: Sharing Stories, Making Friends via Local Organic Food

9 Sep

TOTW: Sharing Stories, Making Friends via Local Organic Food

Welcome to week two, Locavores!  This week is about being able to be bold and outspoken about your Locavore Challenge.  It’s about sharing!

How do we use food to connect with our situations, our surroundings, other people, and our internal selves?  How do we build community through our locavore activities?  For example, how can you get more people excited about your harvest dinner because it’s locally sourced, and not just because it’s a meal they were invited to?  There’s little more instinctive than food–eating seasonally and from the surrounding area is a time-tested way to tune into your surroundings and to connect with those who share your space, from your kitchen table to your farmers market.  Talk up what you’re doing to everyone around you, and share something awesome you’ve made (or simply cut up and put salt and pepper on), and see where it takes you.


sharing is as sweet as a local, ripe peach

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Week 1 Theme: Taking on the Challenge

2 Sep

TOTW: Taking on the Challenge

Since we all come to the Locavore idea with our own experience and understanding, what better way to start this month’s themed posts than to talk about what local eating can mean?  Yesterday’s long read should have been some inspiration, and more inspiration is what you can expect the rest of this week.  We hope you’ll be cooking with local ingredients and engaging with fellow locavores.  This could be YOUR lunch (a salad full of local veggies and raw sweet corn):


Tomorrow, read 5 tips from a seasoned Locavore.  She’ll lay out how eating locally can be easy, hard, fun, frustrating, but overall, manageable!  On Wednesday, check back for a downloadable worksheet to help you lay out your locavore strategy.  And you’ll just have to keep following us and checking back for the rest.

Want some ideas right now?  Have you been to the Choose Your Challenge Poll Yet?  Click on the image to get to the poll, which is full of ideas for things to do.


Don’t forget–stay in touch, use hashtags and mention us when you use social media!  You may find your own words and pictures featured on Sunday’s Long Read!locavore tags

And finally, have you registered?  If you do, you’ll receive some exclusive content in your e-mail inbox!  Read about our New York Organic and Farmer’s Pledge Farmers, get some tips, and feel like you’re really a part of it all!

Our Blog’s Locavore Challenge: More Posting, More Fun!

30 Aug

For the month of September, we’re going to up the frequency of blog posts, since it’s Locavore Challenge Month, officially!  Here’s the schedule:

Each Monday, we’ll introduce a theme and briefly explain.

Throughout the week we’ll be sharing stories and information tied to that theme, from staff and friends of NOFA-NY.

On Wednesdays, as a break from we-post-you-read, we’re going to invite you to do a short exercise to help you learn, grow and focus on the weekly theme (and be a bit more competitive to win a prize if you decide to host a Harvest Celebration Dinner).

Sundays we hope to catch you in a moment when you can read a longer rumination (that’s a food world word!).  You might learn how NOFA-NY staff are dealing with the week’s theme or might even find your own images or words that we’ve nabbed from Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook (so don’t forget to tag if you want us to see it!).  We’re not going to commit to a particular style for Sundays, just that we hope to keep you entertained while you wait for your water-bath canner to heat up, or while you relax with a local beer in one hand and an ear (or three) of corn on the grill.

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Our promise overall: lots of stories!

Our request: talk back!  We maintain this blog and all our social media as a way to create a conversation around local and organic food.  Please post, like, share and comment (with respect)!

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